Hello Amigos, time to update! (Part Two)

The Pinata Session!

Continued as part of the Mexican fiesta-themed party. For Part One, click here.


The traditional donkey paper mache, filled with candies.  We suspended it with a piece of string and took turns hitting it. It was VERY hard to break it apart!


First up Ery, with a display of his pinata-hitting moves.


First hit of the day. BYE BYE DONKEY (or not). Cause 15 minutes later…IMG_9838

Hakim’s turn – he was a gentle giant. He decapitated the pinata.IMG_9840

Mom looking shocked at her youngest son’s brutal decapitating skills.IMG_9856

I am surprised how full my head of hair looks like in this pic. IMG_9864

Small but deadly hits – that’s my sister. IMG_9867

Mum who looks like she’s patting it to sleep rather than DESTROYING it to pieces. That’s my mum.


20 minutes have passed, the man’s gotta do the dirty job. Killllll it!

…but the pinata retaliates and counter-attacks. Dunk down my man! Don’t let it hurt your precious wayfarers!

Now, it’s time to take it seriously. No more fooling around. You are dead pinata!


I’m gonna probe you!


And then just rip you apart with my bare barbaric hands cause that’s how real men destroy pinatas!


FINALLY! No wayfarers were hurt in this attack.


Some last compulsory family-on-the-bed portraits.

IMG_9911 IMG_9915 IMG_9910


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