Sea Circus

I’m listening to songs inspired by this cafe we found in Bali called Sea Circus – it’s a happy place with happy food, and everyone there just emits good loving vibes!

Sea Circus Mixtape

  • When the sun don’t shine by Best Coast
  • Carnival by Cardigans
  • 400 Lux by Lorde
  • Lover by Devandra Banhart
  • She plays yoyo with my mind by Sonny and the Sunsets
  • Postcards from Italy by Gulag Orkestar
  • Here comes your man by Meaghan Smith

The first thing I noticed about the place was its window panes, stained with different colours – acting as a filter that transforms the scorching rays into gleamy beams of light, naturally setting the mood in the cafe into a world of no worries, no heavy thoughts – one can only think about things that’d make one happy and free. Free to chase the crashing waves, with grains of sand in between my toes, arms wrapped around me, the bouncy clouds and the echoes of laughs swirling 360 degrees-style, the mental snapshot of smiles.

There’s this framed quote in the bathroom which I think perfectly describes the mood when I was there with the husband –  “Not sure if I mentioned last night but you should sail away with me to another world and we’ll rely on each other”.

On that afternoon, I ordered a plate of Churros with a side of melted bitter chocs and maybe, sub-consciously, I chose the long sticks of cinnamon-y goodness to bring back memories of when I was in Disneyland with my late father. It was the last trip we ever took as a ‘complete’ family. In between the rides, the sister and I were always on the lookout for a Churros cart and screamed aloud whenever we saw one – and then pulled our father’s tee as we pleaded for just ‘one more’ Churro. “Pleaseeeeee, pleasssse. Just one more.” He bought every single time, smiled every single time he handed over the warm piece of, what I’d always think of now, as an unforgettable, comforting childhood memory. I was 14 then, and Farah ten. He was 41.

It’s memories such as that, that makes everything better and hopeful and everything, seems to have a reason for being there, not there, happening, did not, might not.


A rare shot of the two of us, taken by one of the waitresses.


The husband forced me take a picture with this pastel-coloured rickshaw. This was taken outside the Boat Shed shop, which apparently designed the waitresses’ uniforms at Sea Circus.










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  1. The colors in the photos are so vibrant. Great shots.

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