Motel Mexicola

A lot of things are on one’s checklist for a first-time, eager beaver visitor to Bali. From the cliched yoga bendings and stretchings by the beach, cycling through the paddy fields, thrilling sports like whitewater rafting to sipping coconuts while basking in the sun – it’s all very eat, pray, love.

I’ve pretty much ticked off most of those boxes so this time, so when the husband and I booked our tickets a week before the trip, we decided it’d be a no-planning, no-thinking kinda  retreat (well you don’t really think a lot while scooping off flesh from a coconut). Just a lot of eating, venturing, coffee-drinking adventures and making out.

Armed with knowledge we had with previous trips, a motivation to see and do things that’s never crossed our minds and 10 pages of Ladyironchef’s guide to eating in Bali, we packed our two carry on bags and found ourselves suddenly in the midst of Seminyak’s winding alleys. So many things to look, try, see, photograph.

While knowledge and motivation are two very great character traits to have, that darn guide by Ladyironchef, printed in colour no less, proved to be an invaluable source for not only good food, but it landed us in places we might have otherwise not chanced upon or walked past.

One of these places was Motel Mexicola.


That place is amazing, just so very cool.

It’s like a Wes Anderson production set, with Margot Tenenbaum smoking by the row of cacti or a pitstop for the brothers of Darjeeling Limited right before they meet Angelica Houston. Maybe you’d even catch Suzy slouched on a peacock chair and reading one of her books.


Or, maybe Tarantino might have loved the place. A lil bit of blood splattered on the mosaic tiles, a decapitated head. Beatrix Kiddo running across the courtyard, Django washing his wounds in the washroom.






And the food there, though a bit pricey – is great especially when you want to share and try different things from the ceviche, guacamole, tacos and the breakfast burrito which we tried was awesome, served with blacks beans and fried eggs. A lot of the things were freshly made from its corn chips to the taco wraps and the chopped bits of sweetened pineapples.

The service was also , everyone friendly in their chirpy multi-coloured uniforms – we ended up talking to one of the waitresses one night and found out that the place is owned by an Australian guy who was married to a Mexican woman. No wonder, there was a laid-back yet energetic feel to the joint and an authenticity with the food.





Gotta try that place if you’re ever there. Wear something colourful, and bring big doses of imagination.





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