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Don’t you love last-minute, get-up and go kinda plans? They are the absolute best. No thinking, no fuss, no digging into details – everyone just appears and have fun. That’s how my in-laws roll, or how I successfully roll with my in-laws when it comes to family events. The more we plan ahead, the more […]

I am entertainer

Anyone who knows me well, knows about my love for entertaining – theme parties, dinner gatherings, picnics in the park, you just say the word and I’ll be the one (voluntarily) bringing stuff, cooking things, making props, lambasting ideas, games and what nots. I guess in a way, the way I was brought up influenced […]

Hello Amigos, time to update! (Part Two)

The Pinata Session! Continued as part of the Mexican fiesta-themed party. For Part One, click here. The traditional donkey paper mache, filled with candies.  We suspended it with a piece of string and took turns hitting it. It was VERY hard to break it apart! First up Ery, with a display of his pinata-hitting moves. […]

Hello Amigos, time to update! (Part One)

When I was about 14, the family took a trip to the States after we managed to convince our dad that we were totally sick and tired of the land down under and that we were finally old enough to enjoy the rides at Disneyland. Turned out my sister Farah was old enough but just […]

Then. Now.

It’s funny how things that used to be so important to me are no longer important or that important and things that were trivial to me are even more trivial or, too precious to me now. And then there are things which were important to me, but are now important to me in a different […]

Ayah, my dad

Hello! Last two weeks were of the frenetic, hectic and all-bustling kinds because of new ventures so I’m glad my family and I finally had a breather last weekend while celebrating my sister’s 26th and father’s day. Happy Birthday Farah, Happy Papa’s day Papa! I don’t have a father anymore, not for the last 15 […]

Mummy’s Day

Of the many many memories I have of my childhood, there’s always one I remember fondly – the surprise breakfasts my sister and I would cook up on Mother’s Day. You see, my sister was kind of shadowing me all the time when she was a lil kiddo, so whenever I came up with all […]