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The Best of 2012 (Part Three)

After all the travelling I did from mid July to September – I missed two important events, my birthday (which is usually celebrated with family and friends) and most importantly Hari Raya/Eid al Adha. Nothing equates to that feeling of emptiness I felt on the morning of all those Eid al Adhas while I was […]

The Best of 2012 (Part Two)

One thing that I’ve been learning for the past few years is how to appreciate music that steers away from the easily churned out mainstream stuff. Call it music education, broadening my audio senses to acts, bands, singers, performers who come from different genres and backgrounds – partly taught by my own in-house teacher (more […]

The Best of 2012 (Part One)

It’s a tad too late but that’s how I roll… I guess better late than never. I think it’d be nice to look on back to all the wonderful moments I’ve had in the past year, after all 2012 was one of the best years of my life! 1.     We started off our […]

Playing Santa

This will be largely a pictorial post but before that, I should say OPTIC FIRE is the bomb! I just had it installed yesterday and have been enjoying the supersonic wifi speeds on my Kindle Fire everywhere around the house – in bed, while pooping, in the kitchen, on the living room sofa – it […]


When I first got married, many people came up to us to congratulate and ask how marriage life was for the two of us. It was nice to hear the different kinds of advice, get the oh-that’s-good grins, the one or two dirty jokes, the inquisitive looks before asking if I’m prego yet. Such a […]

That month of June where everything and anything is all happening at the same time

It’s a month away from the Olympics which means it’s a month away before I leave for Berlin for three weeks. This also means I have less than a month to plan for my Euro trip post-Olys, and I have yet to even decide where I’m going. The only stuff that’s booked is our Pukkelpop […]

A Pictorial: Her 25th