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Don’t you love last-minute, get-up and go kinda plans? They are the absolute best. No thinking, no fuss, no digging into details – everyone just appears and have fun. That’s how my in-laws roll, or how I successfully roll with my in-laws when it comes to family events. The more we plan ahead, the more […]

Simple blooms

You know how when you are sitting on your sofa, or drinking coffee and you look around the house and feel something amiss. Like why is the cat not roaming around or licking itself, like a room in need to be alive. It needs something breathing, a living thing. When I feel that, I’d skip […]

Eggs and music

Right now, it feels so luxurious to have time to sit and do just that. I recently caught up with a friend who was on two weeks of leave and he said that the best bits of it was doing what he wanted – play video games and not shower for two days. Sounds gross […]

Thirty +/- 2 days

I come from a family who didn’t believe and lived without air-cons, dryers and dishwashers and so I grew up pining for all these things – thinking that I must be poor and very deprived of these modern necessities which everyone must simply have. My own house now has none of these machines and it’s […]

Coachella 2013

I hosted a party with a few friends about two weeks ago – it was a Coachella Party, where we broadcasted the live screening of the festival’s acts and just kinda ate and drank, joked and laughed and of course, since most of them were my workmates – there was the usual bitching sessions. Coachella […]

The Best of 2012 (Part Three)

After all the travelling I did from mid July to September – I missed two important events, my birthday (which is usually celebrated with family and friends) and most importantly Hari Raya/Eid al Adha. Nothing equates to that feeling of emptiness I felt on the morning of all those Eid al Adhas while I was […]

The Best of 2012 (Part One)

It’s a tad too late but that’s how I roll… I guess better late than never. I think it’d be nice to look on back to all the wonderful moments I’ve had in the past year, after all 2012 was one of the best years of my life! 1.     We started off our […]