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Summersonic music festival Guide

I have a funny way of digesting music. My music feeds are usually determined by what my husband listens to, and fortunately enough, I love LOVE everything which he religiously downloads every morning (except for death metal or any song from Ghost). It’s his breakfast. And I’m not complaining since I imagine I’d have to […]

Roaming the World Series : Street Art in Bali

I spent about a month in Berlin for work about two years ago – and everyday, be it walking from my hotel room to Ostbahnhof station to those short breaks on the green by the river or the elusive Sunday off-days spent at Mauer Park, there was always new (and jaw-dropping) street art to photograph […]

Motel Mexicola

A lot of things are on one’s checklist for a first-time, eager beaver visitor to Bali. From the cliched yoga bendings and stretchings by the beach, cycling through the paddy fields, thrilling sports like whitewater rafting to sipping coconuts while basking in the sun – it’s all very eat, pray, love. I’ve pretty much ticked […]

Sea Circus

I’m listening to songs inspired by this cafe we found in Bali called Sea Circus – it’s a happy place with happy food, and everyone there just emits good loving vibes! Sea Circus Mixtape When the sun don’t shine by Best Coast Carnival by Cardigans 400 Lux by Lorde Lover by Devandra Banhart She plays […]

Roaming the world series: La Tomatina

ATTENTION READERS: A LOT OF TOMATOES AND PEOPLE WERE HURT IN THE FOLLOWING EVENT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ. BUT, READ IT ANYWAY. La Tomatina is this festival in the quaint town of Bunol, nearest to the Spanish city of Valencia. Every third Wednesday of August, thousands make their way (some seem to be on […]

Roaming the World Series: All things Venetian

Before I even start listing out why I am in love with this city-island, let me begin from the time we first arrived at the hotel. You must understand when we reached Venice, it was like we had run a marathon and finally, finally we  had caught up with civilization and not just any civilization […]

Roaming the World Series: My Venice, the city he loves most

I’m quite forgetful, I forget a lot of things, a lot of the time. My entire family thinks everything I own should have some kind of locating device attached to it, so that  at a click of a button, the device would emit loud alarming sounds that’d lead me to its location. Especially my glasses […]