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Summersonic music festival Guide

I have a funny way of digesting music. My music feeds are usually determined by what my husband listens to, and fortunately enough, I love LOVE everything which he religiously downloads every morning (except for death metal or any song from Ghost). It’s his breakfast. And I’m not complaining since I imagine I’d have to […]

Valentines of the past

Some people, and I know a bunch of them do not believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day citing reasons like it’s just a pointless and bullshit holiday created by capitalist scums to make people buy overpriced gifts such as special edition vodkas with edible 24-carat gold leaves in them, for their significant other. And then there are […]


We found out a few days ago that he’ll receive a two-month bonus and for that I’m thankful cause that’ll translate to more holidays and flowers (doesn’t give/surprise me with enough and he never will I suspect)! That led me to thinking about things and people I’m grateful for, what more with the passing of […]

Opera Picnic

My perfect picnic would be sitting on a red checkered blanket, my toes dipping in the grass with a glass of wine and gorgeous cheeses and there are butterflies courting one another in the air. But none of that would matter without my good friends! Menu for the day Beef pastrami, roasted capsicums, sweet onions […]

Most important meal of the day

Inspired by Simply Breakfast.

Favourite Grandaughter vs. Favourite Daughter

My grandma and I, we haven’t been talking for about three months now. And this is not normal, because I’m her favourite grandaughter and she always listened to what I said, supported what I did and was always there for me. She just loved me more amongst her grandchildren (trust me, it’s a good place […]

Weekday lunch

I prepared this for our swimming date at this neigbourhood oasis but instead of lapping away my Wednesday night, I accidentally found myself jumping and watching Matt Bellamy from afar. The Swim Date Salad One would if to follow the recipe, need these exact ingredients, unless of course one feels experimental because life would be […]