Music, music, music – that is one thing that’s not lacking in my life thanks to the husband who is a music addict, a perpetual scavenger of new sounds who spends his mornings flipping CLASH and NME and downloading music instead of an extra hour under doona covers. Which is why I think it’s apt […]

The Pinata Session! Continued as part of the Mexican fiesta-themed party. For Part One, click here. The traditional donkey paper mache, filled with candies.  We suspended it with a piece of string and took turns hitting it. It was VERY hard to break it apart! First up Ery, with a display of his pinata-hitting moves. […]

When I was about 14, the family took a trip to the States after we managed to convince our dad that we were totally sick and tired of the land down under and that we were finally old enough to enjoy the rides at Disneyland. Turned out my sister Farah was old enough but just […]

Both of us – the husband and I – really really love our life. We love each other, we love our families and friends and we love our own little fur monster – Van She. We love our dear home, a humble HDB flat which houses all the things we found during our travels, we […]

Right now, it feels so luxurious to have time to sit and do just that. I recently caught up with a friend who was on two weeks of leave and he said that the best bits of it was doing what he wanted – play video games and not shower for two days. Sounds gross […]

It’s funny how things that used to be so important to me are no longer important or that important and things that were trivial to me are even more trivial or, too precious to me now. And then there are things which were important to me, but are now important to me in a different […]

ATTENTION READERS: A LOT OF TOMATOES AND PEOPLE WERE HURT IN THE FOLLOWING EVENT YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ. BUT, READ IT ANYWAY. La Tomatina is this festival in the quaint town of Bunol, nearest to the Spanish city of Valencia. Every third Wednesday of August, thousands make their way (some seem to be on […]