I once came across a quote that fashion is shaped by the people and things we love. Which is why I wanted to design my own gowns – up to the veils, shoes and accessories – because I wanted people to see the real me, as a happy bride surrounded by people who loved us and were there to bless our union.


What I wore for the solemnization: White heart-shaped long dress, that mermaided out at the bottom with a champagne cream section in the middle. A cream veil made out of french lace, with beadings that ran above the head till the nape of my neck.


I opted for a natural look make-up wise with the exception of dark smokey eyes.


High heeled silver shoes, with a snakeskin base from GUESS!


The groom, who is also fashion conscious, picked out and designed his own outfit. Easier for him a traditional malay kurungs are quite straight-forward!


What he wore: White kurung shirt, with a gold-woven batik jacket and samping. Paired off with matching songkok and jewelled brooch. Notice that he didn’t wear any studs on his left ear!


Us! Sashaying our way down the stoned aisle.


Groomsmen: Patrick, Yad, Nasrul and Firdaus


Nasrul, ery’s brother, wore a white shirt, grey vest and old school glasses. Pinned on his left is the groomsmen’s boutonniere (white rose with violets)


Patrick, our german housemate whom we grew fond of during his stay here, wore a white long-sleeve short, black belt and nicely fitted grey pants.


Fir, ery’s guitarist – wore a traditional black suit, jazzed up with a scarlet red tie.


Somehow I couldn’t find a solo shot of ery’s long time friend – Yad (whom he first met in sec school and lives a block away from us now) wore grey pants as well, white tee and gray vest. White shoes seemed to the footwear du jour.

Bridesmaids: Farah, Tira, Ezan and Linda


Linda, ex-workmate and clubbing partner, wore a Zara-inspired dress with a back that was lined with purple beads.


Farah (L), my super cute sister, sported short bangs that made her look very Japanese – wore a classic boob dress with a silver ribbon right under her bosom. She also wore a long necklace with a butterfly pendant and a diamante headband.

Tira (C), my only girl cousin, wore a sweetheart gown that had gorgeous beadings and matching chiffon on its top bit. As she has a boyish haircut, she wore simple diamond studs to compliment her outfit.


Ezan, my main trail carrier and the one friend I can behave as silly as I want, wore a grecian flowy dress inspired by one of Keira Knightley’s red carpets. Very low cleavage lined with silver ropish threads, and soft curls to complete the look.


A group shot with all my coiffed and pretty bridesmaids – it took us a total of 4 hours to doll up!


Reception ladies – These girls manned the guest book as well as the favours. Marianne (L) wore a satin dress matched with big gold earrings and Linda wore an MNG flower brunch dress, had her hair high up and the perfect pearl necklace to add a bit of chicness.


Lulu Haddad – my make-up artist, wore a clingy knee length dress, which had swirly patterns on it. Unpictured are her sky high black heels.


Jepp and Bebe arrived in style (not in that lorry though!). Jepp in skinny pants, shirt and black skinny blazer – you could call him skinny man of the day, accesorized by bebe inΒ  hand in a blue-and-white maxi dress and white stappy sandals.





  1. Hi!

    I stumbled onto your blog while searching for outdoor wedding locations. Thanks for sharing your wedding photos, you’re a beautiful bride. πŸ™‚

    Where did you get your dress made? I love it, especially your veil!

    Hope to hear from you soon,

  2. Hi, thanks for the nice comments.

    All of my outfits were designed by me and they were made by a friend Lulu Haddad (think you can get to her site if you google her name).

    She’s a great dressmaker to work with too! She did the veil which I still have with me.

    1. Thanks very much for the info! πŸ™‚
      P.S. I read your entire blog, including your anniversary at Botanic Gardens – your husband is such a romantic, you lucky girl. πŸ˜‰

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